Merry Christmas!

I’m not a fan of Santa Claus–just bein’ honest–but I didn’t take any good Christmas photos this year, so here’s Santa and Mrs. Claus, waving greetings to onlookers awaiting the lighting of the tree on the green:

c. November 2012, EEMerry Christmas!
c. November 2012, EE 

After some sneaky-sneaking and orders not to peek, a couple family members are holed up elsewhere in the house, wrapping presents for tomorrow. The littles are watching Nick Jr. programming on TV, the eldest is playing a game on her DS, and I’m contemplating a viewing of The Nativity Story later tonight. Nothing says Christmas like electronic entertainment. 😉

Actually, I’m anticipating more Christmas music, the tearing of gift wrap, and lots of smiles–“brought to you by” happy recipients and the second chapter of Luke.

Regardless of your religious affiliation–or non-affiliation, as you choose–I send you the warmest wishes for a blessed holiday.



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