Bad Haiku on a Winter’s Day

The world is swathed in snow, but — for once — the wind is still.

I try writing exercises to spark creativity, but what I produce instead is bad haiku.

Trees wear white garments
woven on a snowy loom.
Silence. A hawk cries.

Carapace gleaming,
an exiled beetle bumbles
in a warm corner.

And then there’s this truly tortured haiku:

Mere glass yet staunch guard,
the window staves cold, wards heat,
lets light, stands sentry.

Nope. No more poetry. It’s fiction for me today.

And the world sighs in relief. 😉

“Awake” — a romantic short story

Keanan here with a brief publishing update:

I’ll be posting some short stories to Kindle in the coming days and weeks, and they’ll be around .99 or so, and will cover a variety of genres.

The first is “Awake”, a romance in brief — in house robe and slippers, to be more precise — told from the perspective of Cale, a photographer who’s not sure he has what it takes, and Penn, a writer and long-time friend who talks in her sleep. It’s a quiet little tale, but it’s inspired by real people, a real dog, and a dream.

Click on the image below to order the story. Enjoy!

DB-MFK cover

Editing Services Are Now On Hiatus

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are no longer accepting new clients for our editing services.

There are many reasons for this, including new directions in the main editor’s life and schedule. The decision also comes as a result of a recent phishing scam perpetrated on one of our colleagues, as well as online-stalking behavior from a potential client in which an editor’s privacy was breached.

Meantime, the Penworthy Press collective continues to write, produce art and jewelry, and take photographs.

Thank you for your patience and for your continued reading. We look forward to sharing good news with you soon!