Bad Haiku on a Winter’s Day

The world is swathed in snow, but — for once — the wind is still.

I try writing exercises to spark creativity, but what I produce instead is bad haiku.

Trees wear white garments
woven on a snowy loom.
Silence. A hawk cries.

Carapace gleaming,
an exiled beetle bumbles
in a warm corner.

And then there’s this truly tortured haiku:

Mere glass yet staunch guard,
the window staves cold, wards heat,
lets light, stands sentry.

Nope. No more poetry. It’s fiction for me today.

And the world sighs in relief. 😉


“Awake” — a romantic short story

Keanan here with a brief publishing update:

I’ll be posting some short stories to Kindle in the coming days and weeks, and they’ll be around .99 or so, and will cover a variety of genres.

The first is “Awake”, a romance in brief — in house robe and slippers, to be more precise — told from the perspective of Cale, a photographer who’s not sure he has what it takes, and Penn, a writer and long-time friend who talks in her sleep. It’s a quiet little tale, but it’s inspired by real people, a real dog, and a dream.

Click on the image below to order the story. Enjoy!

DB-MFK cover