Elizabeth Easter

Elizabeth Easter is an author, a freelance editor, a former associate editor for an independent press, and former proofreader for a  science fiction press.

As a freelance editor, she helps authors prepare their manuscripts for submission to an agent or publisher, or for independent publishing. She has also assisted magazine editors in publishing anthologies.

As an associate editor, she worked with authors during the final shaping and polishing of a manuscript before publication.

As an author herself? She writes whatever strikes her fancy. Most of her published works  are under a pseudonym, but a few projects bear her own name.

Before pursuing publication, she spent many years entering contests in order to hone her writing skills and gain confidence. The feedback from judges and other readers were not only an excellent education but also encouragement.

poetry anthology^front cover


A few words from Elizabeth:
Lodge at Multnomah Falls, Oregon (c2013, EE)
Lodge at Multnomah Falls, Oregon (c2013, EE)

Penworthy is the name of a bookstore I wanted to open in my hometown several years ago. I had a business plan, a sign design, a location, but wasn’t willing to put my house up for collateral for the small business loan. And that’s a good thing.

Life rolled onward, even after the dreamed died. Fear and despair — self-doubt, too — at times took residence in my mind.

Then, in one of those crazy turns that in books are called plot twists, life changed. I left my career, sold my house, moved, and pursued a literary life: writing, editing, reading.

Even this dream is imperfect. My love of reading has not dimmed, but the books I select are few. Writing is my goal, and there is one complete novel and several in the works. I’ve taught writing, given presentations about the craft, but editing has been my main occupation.

Working with serious, teachable writers can be a great joy. This intermittent blog contains writerly advice and discussions, even disputes; book reviews; the occasional personal rant; and more. To join the conversation, visit the pages (tabs) listed above or in the sidebar. I’d love to meet you!

Elizabeth’s website: Elizabeth Easter

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