Suzan Troutt

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Suzan Troutt has written and published several short stories under two pseudonyms. Her work has appeared in Fear and Trembling and Residential Aliens e-zines. Her poem Lucrezia won first place in  a Kansas City Voices Magazine contest in 2010.

Suzan’s primary interest and inspiration in the field of fiction is within the horror and suspense genres. She enjoys the work of  authors Preston and Child, Ted Dekker, and Frank Peretti. But she also has a wicked sense of humor and occasionally shares on social media and in person. Her comedic writings include unpublished plays and skits. She is a freelance creative consultant and her work includes graphic design and photography.

She is also the owner of a shop specializing in handmade jewelry. You can see and purchase her fashion line at Bohemian for Life.

A few words from Suzan:

Hello, fellow travelers and readers! I hope you enjoy our ramblings and feel encouraged by them as you move toward your own dreams and goals. Writing is a door to the future and a key to expression–yes, I made that up. 🙂 Anyway, it’s something I enjoy and want to share with you. Questions for me? Or if you would like to hire me as a creative consultant or just send me a message, find me on Facebook. Happy reading!


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