Suzan Troutt

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Suzan Troutt has written and published several short stories under two pseudonyms. Her work has appeared in Fear and Trembling and Residential Aliens e-zines. Her poem Lucrezia won first place in  a Kansas City Voices Magazine contest in 2010.

Her most recent editing project is a self-published novel which can be found here.

Suzan’s primary interest and inspiration in the field of fiction is within the horror and suspense genres. She is currently co-authoring a supernatural romance. Her comedic writings include unpublished plays and skits. She is a freelance creative consultant and her work includes graphic design and photography.

She is also the owner of a shop specializing in handmade jewelry. You can see and purchase her fashion line at Bohemian for Life.

A few words from Suzan:

Hello, fellow travelers and readers! I hope you enjoy our ramblings and feel encouraged by them as you move toward your own dreams and goals. If you would like to hire me as a graphic designer for your book cover or website, I can be reached at



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