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Author, speaker and editor Joyce Booze has been writing about life and spirituality since the 1950s. Joyce was the founding editor of Mountain Movers, an Assemblies of God missions magazine. Her articles have been published in numerous religious magazines. She is the editor of several books printed by the A/G World Missions, including Moving Mountains and Heroes of the Faith. She has served in editorial and communications posts for A/G World Missions, and continues to assist missionaries in telling their stories. She has also taught creative writing at the college level and worked with magazine publication and fundraising for religious organizations.

She is a frequent speaker at retreats, missions conventions, writers’ seminars and motivational events.

To share her childhood with her grandchildren, Joyce has started a blog about life as a preacher’s kid living in Arkansas and Oklahoma in the 1930s-40s.

Find Joyce’s blog at Out of Church Tales.


A few words from Joyce:




2 thoughts on “Joyce Booze”

  1. Good morning Joyce Wells Booze –
    I am reading an article from afa, that refers to an article you wrote in, ‘The Pentecostal Evangelist’ on March 8, 1970, and am unable to locate this article of which you wrote, and are quoted of in this article, about the Christmas Nativity.
    Ed Vitagliano comments that he has saved your article ‘all these years’.
    Would enjoy reading this ‘Nativity’ article…

    “In most Nativity scenes, he is in the background. The forefront belongs to Mary and Jesus, perhaps with an angel hovering overhead. Shepherds or Wise Men may be at one side or the other. And standing behind those occupying center stage, often in shadows, is Joseph.”
    please share –
    Blessings on your day –

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