Blue Zoo

There’s a new site for writers who need inspiration, encouragement, and training:
Blue Zoo Writers, formerly The Writer’s Handbook.

It’s conducted by Philip Martin, author of the excellent volumes,  How to Write Your Best Story (read a review here) and A Guide to Fantasy Literature, as well as proprietor of Crickhollow Books.

Martin is also an editor, speaker, and publisher, and can be contacted via Great Lakes Literary.

Writers can subscribe to receive blog updates via e-mail, and there are tips for young writers, as well as core advice for those of us who have been pursuing this craft for a while. Martin will be adding a list of resources as he continues to build the site (which is already chock-full of good stuff), and would likely welcome any input from other writers and editors as to books, groups, classes, etc., that might serve the writing community.

I met Martin several years ago at a writing conference, and enjoyed our conversations — but, of course, I’ll talk to any writer at any time about anything remotely related to writing! — so I encourage everyone to go on over and strike up a dialogue.


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